Current Release “Our Cashew Story”

I am a filmmaker living the the experimental international township Auroville in south India. Being born in England, studying film and media and working in the industry for many years, I now find myself making documentaries and sharing stories I observe in my community and hopefully the rest of the world. Before settling here in Auroville, I traveled for several years making short documentaries for free for small projects, organic farms, sustainable off-grid communities and just putting the videos on YouTube.
This year i have made my first feature “Our Cashew Story”. Please find the trailer here.

In a world where we are increasingly disconnected from our food, this short film (42 minutes) titled “Our Cashew Story” explores the cashew industry – the growing, harvesting and processing of cashews, the seasonal pesticide spraying and its environmental and health effects, the economy behind the cashew trade and the alternatives to pesticides using Auroville and its bio region in India as a case study.  
The film is made in English and we have a complete Tamil dub also for local audiences.
I would really like to submit this documentary into film festivals and try to create awareness about his hot topic locally and globally. With the climate movement growing under the inspiration of Greta Thuberg and others, the vegan movement in the west is also increasing in number. I’m not sure everyone understand the implications of what this means. An under explored aspect of this trend is the rising rates of consumption of nuts in the form of plant-based milks and butters which has harmful implications for the developing world as this article explores.
Auroville is an international township in Tamil Nadu, South India where more than 3000 people from over 50 countries have chosen to come together to live a more conscious life with various experiments in sustainable farming, energy, building etc. The issue of cashew crop pesticide spraying has been one that has been very concerning for Auroville’s ecological regeneration work in the bio region. In India, the impact that pesticides have had on the environmental and human condition has been immense and the cashew industry has had its own harmful history within it. I refer you to these articles for the broader overview of pesticide impact in India and the specific issue of Endosulfan pesticide spraying within the cashew industry.
In this documentary i would like to reconnect people with cashews and help them understand our cashew story. The film aims to raise awareness and increase consciousness about the cashew industry asking the viewer to participate in helping where they can to change the story.  No such comprehensive film exists right now inclusive of the range of complexities of the cashew industry, the many stories in the food chain from growing to consumption.
Cashew Poster english
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