Communities/ Sustainability

Here are some films i have made while visiting communities in Europe,  Asia and Latin America. Also some ideas on how they try to be sustainable.


Auroville A Dream Down To Earth


GEN: The Global Ecovillage Network at Findhorn


When Nature Speaks – The Emergence Convergence In Maia EarthVillage 

On the 18th May for 5 days the intentional community MAIA in the Philippines held an Emergence Convergence where people from all over the world from different backgrounds, came together with no plan, apart to see what happens, and this is what happened….


Im From Here..a big project in a little village in Indonesia 

Im from here is a project set up by Edyanta Sinuaji. His aim is to bring people together and help to rejuvenate the land and live in a sustainable way. He does this by teaching village people about recycling, art projects, natural building, traditional theatre, organic farming, as well as bringing people together from all over the world to share cultures and languages.
Filmed in a small village in Sulawesi, Indonesia, we explore a predominately Muslim village and see what the impact is of foreigners visiting.
Filmed in April 2016 by Serena Aurora

Findhorn in Scotland

Wongsanit EcoVillage Ashram in Thailand

Wongsanit Ashram was founded in 1984 by social activist Sulak Sivaraksa and colleagues. It is a spiritual activist community devoted to developing and promoting an alternative lifestyle that is grounded in Buddhist Dharma, cultural diversity and environmental sustainability. It is home to educators and social activists who lead programmes in grassroots leadership, in natural construction techniques, and in empowering marginalised communities.

The Awakened Life Project A Spiritual Community

“The Awakened Life Project, based in Portugal, offers a direct, profound and contemporary approach to Spiritual Awakening and the creation of a New Culture. Founded at an abandoned mountain farm in 2007 by Cynthia & Peter Bampton, the Project has developed in a growing, vibrant network of individuals and communities inspired by an enlightened evolutionary vision for human life. This documentary is a captivating introduction to the multidimensional organism that is the Awakened Life Project.”

Filmed By Serena Aurora September 2015

The wonderful eco village of Valdepielagos in spain

Magic Mud: Experimenting With Lime Stabilised Soil at Tamera

An Interview with Sabine Lichtenfels of Tamera: Lets Talk About LOVE

Sabine Lichtenfels was born into a family of artists in 1954. From a very early age she was concerned with questions of love and was connected to Jesus as a revolutionary role model. Already at 16 years old she envisioned “a village in which all lovers live together and no one has to abandon each other.” She studied theology, married and gave birth to her first daughter. In 1978 she met Dieter Duhm and along with their common friend, Charly Rainer Ehrenpreis, she supported in founding the Healing Biotopes Project.

Leila Dregger interviews Sabine about love and her childhood experiences.
Filmed at the community of Tamera in April 2015.

All you need to know about 5 different BioGas Digesters at Tamera

T.H Culhane shows the 5 different BioGas digesters at Tamera.

Filmed By Serena Aurora April 2015

Freixo do Meio is the project of a man that became a sustainable reality for many beings. It is a big organic farm and organism, integrating with the sourrounding Montado, a typical ecosystem from Alentejo, Portugal. The presence of human beings here wants to be a peaceful cooperation which welcome and arouse biodiversity.

In this visual summery, Alfredo, manager of this ecosystem, starts explaining his philosophy which lays as a basis on his way of farming. In this open view, a circle of people works in the puzzle of nature, in a balance which allows production without exploitation of resources (agroecology).

In the video we see people and their various skills, Cooperation, ecofunctionality, managing the risks, as well as a biodinamic approach. The production of the farm flows to Alfredos farm shop in Lisbon, to allow a honest economy which grant the workers to be paid.

Alternative projects are included: beekeeping, permaculture, medicinal garden, and a horse-riding school. In the end it´s shown how Sorraias horses (indigenous ancient breed) are respected and kept wild in their ecosystem. This video is an example of how man can act in a sensitive way, contributing with local production and environment protection.

Jay Abrahams gives a presentation about Bio Logic Design of Wetland Ecosystem Treatment at the community of Tamera in Portugal.
Filmed By Serena Aurora April 2015

haomekka – permaculture in mexico

Somewhere in Mexico lives a small community, which remains a secret. Only by word of mouth can you hear about it. This community has 17 living members and has opened it doors to others. They grow their own food, and try to live sustainably using great concepts and bio-construction. Living with the community is a Sharman who performs sacred spiritual ceremonies. This community working together has resulted in a place of creativity and knowledge. It is so versatile and such an exciting place to be with Music, Art, Pottery, Building, Dancing, Yoga, Meditation, Fire ceremony, Tames cal (sweat lodge) and projects within the bigger local community. Within the community they make natural soaps, herbal remedies, hand crafted jewellery and organic coffee.
This film was created so I could share my experience of what it is like to live within a community. I was really inspired by this alternative way to live and feel there is much I have taken from this experience that I will incorporate within my own life. Filmed in December 2012 directed by Serena Aurora.
I was fortunate enough to hear about this place through word of mouth by another fellow traveller in Guatemala. I stayed nearly 3 weeks and found it very difficult to leave. There are many positive aspects to this way of life, which I hope this film captures.

In El Salvador Mauricio and Gloria have bought an abandoned Hare Krishna complex. With this they have created something very special. They are growing an organic garden and teaching children of their local community about living sustainably as well as English. This project has the opportunity to create such a positive impact on the local community, by keeping the children off the streets and giving them something to be passionate about and keeping them in touch with nature. They invite volunteers from all over the world to come and help them by sharing their skills.
This film is created to show the amazing work Gloria and Mauricio have accomplished and to make other people aware of this superb project. Filmed in March 2013 directed by Serena Aurora.
I found out about this project on couch surfing. They are also on the WWOFING website. I stayed with them for a week and had a truly amazing time. I would recommend this experience to anyone.

this is footage felipe took over the years at haomekha, a permiculture off grid community in Mexico. edited by serena aurora

Urban Farming in Auroville


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