Green Energy

The International Sunpulse Seminar, held at Tamera Peace Research Center in August 2015, showcased the pioneering work of Jürgen Kleinwächter and his team, together with Tamera’s energy technology team. The latest model low-temperature Stirling Engine, the Sunpulse 500, was shown in action and the most recent research on a precision solar furnace was presented.

Jürgen Kleinwächter’s work encompasses a wide range of enabling technologies for future decentralised energy supply networks that function in cooperation and synergy with nature and human needs. A recently founded company, SunOrbit, is making these systems commercially available.

The seminar brought together engaged decision makers and active cooperation partners from around the world. Much of the material presented at the seminar is available here online.

Sunpulse: Why Low Temperature Stirling Engines: Theory and Possibilities by J.Kleinwachter

Sunpulse 500; Showbox Tour by Jürgen Kleinwächter at Tamera solar Testfield

Solar Village in Action: The TestField at Tamera Healing Biotope 1

Sunpulse: Concept of Solar Power Village by Jürgen Kleinwächter at Tamera

House in House – Combining the EPG and Architecture by Jürgen Kleinwächter at Tamera

Sunpulse 500: Present to the Future by Jürgen Kleinwächter at Tamera

Concept of Multi zone Architecture by Janos Valder

Step by Step Freedom with the Sun

Sunpulse: Precision Membrane Fix Focus Mirror