over 2 visits and a total of 8 months of travel around india, here are a few films i made…

India has some truly amazing workmanship. This film explores some of the traditional arts and crafts of India, which one-day may be taken over by machines like the rest of the world. Some of the skills include; jewellery making, wood carving, sowing, embroidery, stone carving, shoe making, book binding, weaving, inlaying, and an ancient method of naturally dying fabrics. Not only do they use their hands in India, but also their feet!
This film was filmed over a 6-month period while travel around the whole of India January-July 2012 directed by Serena Aurora.

I backpacked around India for 6 months and was in ore of all the skills I saw around me. I saw craft made by hand, which to be honest I don’t see that much of in my normal day-to-day life. So I wanted to awaken people and show them what people can do with their hands and feet.

Wagah is the only road border crossing between Pakistan and India, and lies on the Grand Trunk Road between the cities of Amritsar, Punjab, India, and Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.
The border is located 22 km (13.75 mi) from Lahore and 32 km (19.88 mi) from Amritsar.
Wagah, named Wahga in Pakistan, is a village through which the controversial Radcliffe Line, the boundary demarcation line dividing India and Pakistan upon the Partition of India, was drawn. The village was divided by independence in 1947. Today, the eastern half of the village remains in the Republic of India while the western half is in Pakistan.
It is particularly known for the elaborate Wagah border ceremony that happens at the border gate before sunset each day.
Filmed by Serena Aurora 2013

A Rickshaw journey in India showing the hustle and bustle of the streets and the traffic of indian roads where there are no rules. A day in the life of a rickshaw driver. Filmed in India in 2012 by Serena Aurora


The Fearless Tattoo Project In Auroville with EcoFem

Eco Femme invited the Fearless Tattoo Project to Auroville india to give a workshop to their employees….
Eco Femme is a women-led social enterprise founded in 2010. Based in Tamil Nadu, India, our goal is to create environmental and social change through revitalising menstrual practices that are healthy, environmentally sustainable, culturally responsive and empowering for women around the world. We produce and sell washable cloth pads, provide menstrual health education to adolescents, and open dialogues on menstruation all along the way.

The Fearless Tattoo Project is a pledging campaign that aims to awaken women to the fears that inhibit them from living their life to the fullest.

Apart from the general angst that everybody experiences now and then, most women harbor very gender –specific fears: Fear of physical and emotional violence, fear of disapproval, of rejection and isolation. These fears are class-agnostic, and are almost always culturally inherited from older women in our lives, from mothers, aunts, teachers and mentors.

To reverse this culture of fear, we encourage women to make a permanent, public commitment to work every day at overcoming their crippling inhibitions, and even more importantly, to make a promise to never teach fear to other women – daughters, sisters, friends.

Your pledge will be the word “Fearless” tattooed on your skin, in your handwriting, in the language of your choice. This way, you have a daily reminder of your promise, a mantra that slowly becomes part of your psyche, a talisman to seek comfort from when fear surges. This tattoo is neither a fashion statement nor an ornament, but a key to a profound personal and cultural transformation.

The tattoo will be given by Sujatha Srihari, a Chennai-based tattoo artist.

The Fearless tattoo is free of charge, now and forever. The only expectation is that you understand its meaning and value, and that you commit to live by this pledge: Do not be afraid, do not teach fear.

a girl trying to get home in delhi india by tuk tuk while not being over priced. filmed and music by serena aurora

a short documentary about the organisation volunteer in india by serena aurora

testimonials for mi club junior by serena aurora


An introduction to Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

Filmed December 2015 at Auroville India


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