this is some films i have made about recycling…

On the island of Utila in Honduras i went for a walk on the beach and this is what i saw…..what mankind has left behind. Is this what us humans have done to some of the most beautiful beaches? Is it too late to make a mends? Lets try and undo the mess we are leaving behind. RECYCLE and UPCYCLE!
Filmed 2013 by Serena Aurora

made for the british art council competition showing the power of making. short film made in one day in east london…

All you need to know about 5 different BioGas Digesters at Tamera

T.H Culhane shows the 5 different BioGas digesters at Tamera.

Filmed By Serena Aurora April 2015

Magic Mud: Experimenting With Lime Stabilised Soil at Tamera


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