Not Just A Monk in the Philippines….

Bhante Ven Rakkhita Samanera a Buddhist monk who currently resides in the Philippines is not just an ordinary monk, he helps look after the welfare or the local people in his village. On his daily arms round with his begging bowl, he takes photos of the sick, uploads to Facebook, finds diagnosis and donations and then helps the poor and needy. How simple…..he’s hoping to spread this model world wide. Please help him in any way you can.
Paypal venrakkhita.donation@gmail.com

Filmed in June 2016 by Serena Aurora in Philippines

When Nature Speaks – The Emergence Convergence In Maia EarthVillage 


On the 18th May for 5 days the intentional community MAIA in the Philippines held an Emergence Convergence where people from all over the world from different backgrounds, came together with no plan, apart to see what happens, and this is what happened….



Wongsanit EcoVillage Ashram in Thailand

Wongsanit Ashram was founded in 1984 by social activist Sulak Sivaraksa and colleagues. It is a spiritual activist community devoted to developing and promoting an alternative lifestyle that is grounded in Buddhist Dharma, cultural diversity and environmental sustainability. It is home to educators and social activists who lead programmes in grassroots leadership, in natural construction techniques, and in empowering marginalised communities.


The Awakened Life Project A Spiritual Community

“The Awakened Life Project, based in Portugal, offers a direct, profound and contemporary approach to Spiritual Awakening and the creation of a New Culture. Founded at an abandoned mountain farm in 2007 by Cynthia & Peter Bampton, the Project has developed in a growing, vibrant network of individuals and communities inspired by an enlightened evolutionary vision for human life. This documentary is a captivating introduction to the multidimensional organism that is the Awakened Life Project.”



Filmed By Serena Aurora September 2015

What is Socially Engaged Buddhism? The story of INEB 

INEB brings together Buddhist and non-Buddhist based organizations around the world to share resources and to support each others healing work in the world. The network also links activists, spiritual leaders, academics, and young people in areas of common concern. INEB is rooted in the treasure of personal relationship that raises the original spirit of sangha in a contemporary, multi-cultural context. INEB participants work in a decentralized manner, while the Secretariat in Thailand maintains a flow of information, support, and cohesion, with programs and joint activities that build participants capacities.