Auroras Eye interviewed by Auroville Radio

For Serena to be in Auroville it is a privilege. She “stumble” upon it on her journey all over the planet looking for intentional communities, searching for alternative, more truer lifestyle. And every community she has stopped, she would made a video which was donated to the members of it.
And how she ended here, in Auroville? As Serena laugh it off – the decision was made for her, she just went with the flow…. and The Mother Dream was also hers.
And now she make herself rather busy capturing “Glimpses of Auroville”, where she is documenting, creating a bridge, creating highlights as we are quite fast approaching 50th anniversary. (and by the way, the OutreachMedia is in need of video makers, photographers, writers for the occasion).

Amongst so many other things, Serena recently initiate RAK – Random Act of Kindness, whereby group of people visit services and units and spread hugs, joy, smiles…..

Auroras Eye on the Auroville Website

Next event for Auroras eye is GEN in Auroville:



Radio interview from Auroville Radio with Auroras Eye about the film “Auroville a dream down to earth”

For past couple of years Serena is traveling around the planet and exploring intentional communities. Her path brought her to Auroville as well where she was exploring how Auroville is today, how much it has achieved, and how much more still needs to go. We will be able to see her exploration as a world premiere of her new film – Auroville: A Dream Down to Earth on Tuesday 12th of January at 5.30pm at Kala Kendra, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India, International Zone. For that screening Serena has prepared selection of other her short films on intentional communities around the world beside the Auroville’s one which would be seen the last. Serena admires vast knowledge of Auroville community regarding spirituality, different projects and above all human unity; but she is less enthusiastic about AV architecture which she finds mostly unsustainable..


Auroras Eye showcase at Auroville, India:




Aurora Eye comes to Findhorn

In early October Serena Aurora visited Findhorn Foundation community in Scotland and the GEN International office located there in order to make a short film promoting GEN and Findhorn. Serena is an adventurous, nature-loving filmmaker inspired by the ecovillage movement. She is dedicating her energy to traveling around our precious planet, giving a voice and platform to ecovillages and other intentional communities. She documents and explores the diverse communities that live principles of sustainable development; how they started, how they trade, farm, connect, celebrate, eat, love and communicate. She is carrying out this work as a gift to the communities and what she asks for in return is to be welcomed as part of the community, fed and watered! Serena started in Mexico in a secret community and has visited, Honduras, Belize, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Spain and Portugal. She will spend the next year traveling in India and South East Asia, so if you are involved in a community or a project that you would like to share with the world get in touch!



Greetings from the Solar Testfield at Tamera Portugal!

Tamera’s Solar Testfield was home for gatherings of peace activities as well as technology experts during the summer.
All our activities, including those of the last summer, are oriented towards solutions for a sustainable life on earth. The solutions are especially applicable in crisis areas. This is why we want to share with you the knowledge that was exchanged during the last months in those circles.

This newsletter is just the first in a periodical correspondence we want to establish with our friends around the globe. Our intention is to update you every 4-6 weeks in the summer and much less in the winter – which is usually our time to reflect and plan the coming year. If your wish is to not receive our newsletter please reply with “unsubscribe” in the subject line. How to know what you are saying “yes” to…? That’s exactly the reason we included our first newsletter below. You are invited to surf through the description below, which we kept short. For a deeper dive into what happened in the Solar Testfield this summer click on the links provided into short videos and further reading. If you haven’t been in the Solar Testified please take a quick tour

May this knowledge nourish and inspire your future activities! We welcome any feedback from all our friends around the globe.

International Sunpulse Seminar
August 2015
The first International Sunpulse Seminar was held at Tamera this summer.
The Sunpulse 500 Stirling engine was the star of the show: a versatile heat engine, delivering mechanical and electrical power from solar energy. The Sunpulse 500 is the first engine to reach market in a line of eco-high-tech developments by physicist and inventor Jürgen Kleinwächter and his team, cooperation partners with Tamera for many years. The seminar, containing a great deal of information, was documented by the filmmaker Serena Aurora and much of the material is available online. Highly recommended for those who have a more serious interest in solar energy – from its ethical base to practical applications – and to see the range and depth of Jürgen’s and Tamera’s work. Olivier Paccoud explains the whole concept of Stirling engines here. For Further exploring the Sunpulse 500 in operation demonstrated by Jürgen Kleinwächter go here.

Global Campus Gathering
July 18th – August 15th
As a network of peace projects around the globe, the Global Campus is dedicated to studying peace knowledge and supporting the manifestation of local community models for regeneration and autonomy. Representatives from all of the base stations of the Global Campus dedicated a month to harvest almost ten years of friendship and cooperation. It was our second big gathering (previously in 2011) and it took place while the global crisis threatened their home and regions every day. We lived together in simple accommodation, cooked in the solar kitchen, learned practical skills in gardens and workshops and met in sharing circles. Building on the consolidated core between us, we took measures that will enable us to expand our work and to eventually welcome new members. To read a bit more click here or go through the full report of the GC 2015. 

The Third Blueprint Meeting of International Experts
August 2015
 The Blueprint project is an integrated response system especially applicable in emergency situations. The model includes permaculture practices, solar and biogas energy usage, natural building methods and water harvesting structures. We only offer what we use ourselves – for this ecovillages serve as models or testfields to showcase how various practices can be integrated in a holistic offering to make aid sustainable. Crisis becomes an opportunity to reintegrate water systems with food systems and restore the landscape through meeting the immediate needs. Responsibility is the ability to respond.
The Blueprint initiative is in memory of Paulo Mellet, who was an activist as well as a visionary. He travelled from one crisis area to the other offering his expertise and aid. Here you can read more about the meeting get to know more closely the experts who participated, witness five types of Biogas digesters in Tamera presented by T.H.Culhane, or take a closer look at strawbale buildingby Bee Rowan and the experimental time she held in Tamera.

Wake Up & Evolve – A Documentary about The Awakened Life Project
This documentary, created by Aurora’s Eye Films, is a beautiful, captivating and humorous introduction to the multidimensional organism that is the Awakened Life Project.

The Awakened Life Project, based in Portugal, offers a direct, profound and contemporary approach to Spiritual Awakening and the creation of a New Culture. Founded at an abandoned mountain farm in 2007 by Cynthia & Peter Bampton, the Project has developed in a growing, vibrant network of individuals and communities inspired by an enlightened evolutionary vision for human life. This documentary, created by Aurora’s Eye Films, is a beautiful and captivating introduction to the multidimensional organism that is the Awakened Life Project.



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