Auroville A Dream Down To Earth

A glimpse of Auroville an intentional township in the South of India based on the ideals of Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual companion the Mother.  This film explores the aspects of renewable energy, education, health, art, economy and decision making and ending with bioregion and international effect.


Ecovillage Design Education Documentary Auroville 

Recognised by UNESCO, Ecovillage Design Education was specifically designed to enable people and communities coming together to reclaim responsibility for their living situations – at local and regional levels. The EDE is a comprehensive course in the fundamentals of Sustainability Design. It is organised as a mandala that we call the sustainability wheel, encompassing what we perceive to be the four primary interweaving dimensions of human experience – Worldview, Ecological, Social and Economic aspects.

This 5 week course was held at the forest of Pitchandikulam in Auroville India, and attended by 36 participants from all over the world. This documentary explores what an EDE is and feedback from the participants.

Gaia Education was created by a group of educators called “GEESE”- Global Ecovillage Educators for a Sustainable Earth- who have been meeting over a series of workshops in order to formulate their transdisciplinary approach to education for sustainability.

Ecovillage Design Education “Teaser” Auroville 2016 


Living the Truth of Unity with Peter Bampton in Auroville, India 


In this talk and dialogue in Auroville, India, Peter Bampton shares the vision and orientation to spirituality of the Awakened Life Project.


Urban Farming in Auroville

Masterplan presentation Auroville