Auroville A Dream Down To Earth

A glimpse of Auroville an intentional township in the South of India based on the ideals of Sri Aurobindo and his spiritual companion the Mother.  This film explores the aspects of renewable energy, education, health, art, economy and decision making and ending with bioregion and international effect.


The Voices of Auroville

This film explores some of the many voices of auroville from guests, volunteers, newcomers and pioneers. 70 people were interviewed asking the questions, where are you from, why are you here, what do you bring to Auroville and how would you like to see Auroville in the future.

Ecovillage Design Education Documentary Auroville 

Recognised by UNESCO, Ecovillage Design Education was specifically designed to enable people and communities coming together to reclaim responsibility for their living situations – at local and regional levels. The EDE is a comprehensive course in the fundamentals of Sustainability Design. It is organised as a mandala that we call the sustainability wheel, encompassing what we perceive to be the four primary interweaving dimensions of human experience – Worldview, Ecological, Social and Economic aspects.

This 5 week course was held at the forest of Pitchandikulam in Auroville India, and attended by 36 participants from all over the world. This documentary explores what an EDE is and feedback from the participants.

Gaia Education was created by a group of educators called “GEESE”- Global Ecovillage Educators for a Sustainable Earth- who have been meeting over a series of workshops in order to formulate their transdisciplinary approach to education for sustainability.

Ecovillage Design Education “Teaser” Auroville 2016 

The Fearless Tattoo Project In Auroville with EcoFem

Eco Femme invited the Fearless Tattoo Project to Auroville india to give a workshop to their employees….
Eco Femme is a women-led social enterprise founded in 2010. Based in Tamil Nadu, India, our goal is to create environmental and social change through revitalising menstrual practices that are healthy, environmentally sustainable, culturally responsive and empowering for women around the world. We produce and sell washable cloth pads, provide menstrual health education to adolescents, and open dialogues on menstruation all along the way.

The Fearless Tattoo Project is a pledging campaign that aims to awaken women to the fears that inhibit them from living their life to the fullest.

Apart from the general angst that everybody experiences now and then, most women harbor very gender –specific fears: Fear of physical and emotional violence, fear of disapproval, of rejection and isolation. These fears are class-agnostic, and are almost always culturally inherited from older women in our lives, from mothers, aunts, teachers and mentors.

To reverse this culture of fear, we encourage women to make a permanent, public commitment to work every day at overcoming their crippling inhibitions, and even more importantly, to make a promise to never teach fear to other women – daughters, sisters, friends.

Your pledge will be the word “Fearless” tattooed on your skin, in your handwriting, in the language of your choice. This way, you have a daily reminder of your promise, a mantra that slowly becomes part of your psyche, a talisman to seek comfort from when fear surges. This tattoo is neither a fashion statement nor an ornament, but a key to a profound personal and cultural transformation.

The tattoo will be given by Sujatha Srihari, a Chennai-based tattoo artist.

The Fearless tattoo is free of charge, now and forever. The only expectation is that you understand its meaning and value, and that you commit to live by this pledge: Do not be afraid, do not teach fear.

Natural Building Techniques presentation by Earth Institute Auroville 


For 27 years, the Auroville Earth Institute has educated and empowered people to build their own dwellings using earthen techniques.
This presentation by Lara K.Davis Co-Founder of Earth Institute, explains the many different methods of earth construction around the world.
The Auroville Earth Institute (AVEI), previously known as the Auroville Building Centre/Earth Unit, was founded by HUDCO, Government of India, in 1989. The former building centre progressively evolved and took the name of the Auroville Earth Institute in 2004.
AVEI is a non-profit organisation registered under the Foundation of Auroville, which is an organisation of the Government of India.
In the intervening years, the Auroville Earth Institute has become one of the world’s top centres for excellence in earthen architecture, working in 36 countries to promote and transfer knowledge in earth architecture. The work of the Earth Institute has attempted to revive traditional skills and to link ancestral and vernacular traditions of raw earth construction with the modern technology of stabilised earth.
For millennia men proved that they could live in a sustainable way. They lived in harmony with nature. They made use of it, yet respected it. People used earth as a raw material with sensitivity. The “modern” fashion of the 20th century created a break with the millennia old developments. Our Mother Earth has been spoilt and abused. The 21st century should find again the harmonious link between man, nature and spirit.

Filmed April 2017 Auroville by Auroras Eye Films


Living the Truth of Unity with Peter Bampton in Auroville, India 

In this talk and dialogue in Auroville, India, Peter Bampton shares the vision and orientation to spirituality of the Awakened Life Project.

Urban Farming in Auroville

Masterplan presentation Auroville

Eat Local Week At Solitude Farm Auroville


Why should we eat locally, what grows locally and how do we cook it? These are questions that some of us ask…
Joy Of Impermanence is a community project created in the township of Auroville in India. One of our dreams is to live sustainably and in order do that we should eat locally.
For one week we decided to take part in an experiment of eating only what is locally grown in Auroville Tamil Nadu India three meals a day. This took part in Solitude farm in Auroville, with the guidance of Krishna the founder.
Watch and discover what is locally grown in Auroville and all the health benefits and delicious recipes we learned in one week of eating at solitude farm.

“Auroville A City For The Future” book launch


An interview with Anu Majumdar at her book launch “Auroville A City For The Future” in Auroville September 2017

Preparation towards Auroville becoming 50

On monday 25th september at Unity Pavilion Auroville, there was a meeting with the community residents to discuss the 50th birthday celebrations of Auroville. What will be happening… will there be funding….? How did the meeting go?

RAK “Random Act of Kindness” Auroville


In auroville a group come together to perform a random act of kindness…. RAK. This week we went to town Hall and gave massages and hugs to show our appreciation to the people who work there. A card was then given to the recipients and asked to pass the RAK on….. Have you been RAKed ?


“Can ancient Indian help todays india?” an interview with Michel Danino

Michel Danino has been living in India since 1977, spending the first 5 years in Auroville. He is the author of The Lost River: On the Trail of the Sarasvati and Indian Culture and Indians Future. Since 2011, he has been a guest professor at IIT Gandhinagar. He is a member of the Indian Council of historical Research and in 2017 was conferred the Padma Shri award for his contribution to literature and education.

This is a short interview with him before giving talk about: “Can ancient Indian help todays india?”