Not Just A Monk in the Philippines…. 

Bhante Ven Rakkhita Samanera a Buddhist monk who currently resides in the Philippines is not just an ordinary monk, he helps look after the welfare or the local people in his village. On his daily arms round with his begging bowl, he takes photos of the sick, uploads to Facebook, finds diagnosis and donations and then helps the poor and needy. How simple…..he’s hoping to spread this model world wide. Please help him in any way you can.

Filmed in June 2016 by Serena Aurora in Philippines

Im From Here..a big project in a little village in Indonesia 

Im from here is a project set up by Edyanta Sinuaji. His aim is to bring people together and help to rejuvenate the land and live in a sustainable way. He does this by teaching village people about recycling, art projects, natural building, traditional theatre, organic farming, as well as bringing people together from all over the world to share cultures and languages.
Filmed in a small village in Sulawesi, Indonesia, we explore a predominately Muslim village and see what the impact is of foreigners visiting.
Filmed in April 2016 by Serena Aurora


a school in honduras who needs your help 

on a tiny island called Utila off the coast of Honduras…a school crys out for help. This film is to aid their cry. They have managed to bodge together 4 computers out of nothing, but still need more, in order to teach a full class efficiently. if you can help this school please do. filmed by serena aurora.


my first wwoof – farming in central america 

In Belize I took part in my first Woofing experience at Spanish Creek Farm. This film explains what Woofing is and how to take part in it. It also shows what work and activities took place at the farm. This includes; nursing a lamb, horse riding, looking after chickens, bamboo trimming, mulching, upkeep of plants and gardens, harvesting, cooking, furniture building and tool maintenance plus much more.
This film is created to promote the concept of woofing and to open peoples eyes to the type of work that takes place on a farm. Filmed in Feb 2013 directed by Serena Aurora.
I worked on the farm for 2 weeks. At the end of my stay I really appreciated the work that goes into running a farm. I really enjoyed working with the animals, it felt great to be in touch with nature and to know more about where my food comes from. Spanish creek farm is very well organised by the Manager Brooks, she is a fountain of knowledge and I learnt so much from her.….

The Organic Bubble – Off Grid Permaculture in El Salvador 

In El Salvador Mauricio and Gloria have bought an abandoned Hare Krishna complex. With this they have created something very special. They are growing an organic garden and teaching children of their local community about living sustainably as well as English. This project has the opportunity to create such a positive impact on the local community, by keeping the children off the streets and giving them something to be passionate about and keeping them in touch with nature. They invite volunteers from all over the world to come and help them by sharing their skills.
This film is created to show the amazing work Gloria and Mauricio have accomplished and to make other people aware of this superb project. Filmed in March 2013 directed by Serena Aurora.
I found out about this project on couch surfing. They are also on the WWOFING website. I stayed with them for a week and had a truly amazing time. I would recommend this experience to anyone.

volunteer in india 

a short documentary about the organisation volunteer in india by serena aurora